Buying or building a new home?

Curb appeal, quality schools, safety, parks, groceries and ease of access to work and other necessities – these are some common, yet important factors when considering where to buy or build a new home.

More and more, however, people are going beyond the obvious criteria to consider the lifestyle they want and how that connects with their home, the neighbourhood and community.

Planned neighbourhoods such as Juniper West have the benefit of important amenities close by, while maintaining a sense of being surrounded by nature and away from the hustle and bustle of busier areas. Trails and walking paths, the Kamloops Bike Ranch, Juniper Park, and wonderful views in every direction all serve to enhance this situation. The neighbourhood has been developed to appeal to a variety of homeowners, too. First time buyers will find family-focused neighbours and amenities. Others will find the perfect location and landscape to build their dream home.

Kamloops Realtor Trevor Finch, who works with Juniper West, says in addition to the “must-haves” that come with seeking a new home, prospective buyers looking to build or purchase may want to ask themselves additional questions such as:

1.    How does the overall planned neighbourhood fit with the kind of home and neighbourhood I want to live in?

2.    What are the community amenities that reflect my/my family’s lifestyle?

3.    How long does it take to get to get to the places I consistently travel to each day and week?

4.    What schools and family-friendly services are in the area and are they easily accessible by vehicle and foot?

5.    How is curb and street appeal reflected in the overall design of the neighbourhood?

6.    What options for housing are available such as secondary suites, parking, lot size and view?

Including these types of questions in the list of wants and needs related to purchasing a home can benefit the overall satisfaction buyers feel in the short and long term.

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